How to Make Your Tenant Feel Welcome and At Home


One of the top things that most landlords don’t do is actually welcome their tenants and make them feel at home in their rental properties because many owners/landlords see their tenants as a number rather than an actual person.

Sadly, tenants who never feel welcome in their rental properties will be more inclined to search for a rental property elsewhere when their leases come up for renewal.

Thankfully, you can avoid this from happening to you by following these simple tips.

Create A Basic Welcome Package

When welcoming a new tenant, you should always create a basic welcome package which includes the following:

  • Names, email addresses and phone numbers for people to call in case of emergencies at the rental property.
  • Contact information for water, sewer, trash, electric, cable, and phone service in the area.
  • List of stores in the area.
  • Parking information.
  • Rent / payment information.

Give them an Enhanced Welcome Package

Besides just giving your tenants a basic welcome package, you should consider offering them a welcome package which includes the following items:

  • Laundry room supplies like detergent and dryer sheets.
  • Laundry money.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Shower curtain.

This welcome kit is a great way to offer your tenants supplies that they are going to need / use so what better way to endear yourself to your new tenants than by saving them money and offering them something useful when they move in?

Offer them the Best Welcome Package

Want to go one step further and offer your new tenants an even better welcome package? Try offering them something more by giving the following:

  • Basic groceries like bread, milk, and
  • Gift cards to stores like Walmart.
  • Toys for pets.

Get creative with welcome packages and your tenant may be inclined to renew their lease with you after one year especially since you did a great job welcoming them to their new rental property.

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