3 Tip for Getting Your Rental Property Ready for fall


Fall is right around the corner and if you own a Rental Property there’s never been a better time than right now to get your rental property ready for fall and winter by following these simple tips. Tip #1 – Inspect Your HVAC System Since your tenants will be using their HVAC systems during the…

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Fair Housing Laws – Frequently Asked Questions


Fair Housing laws have been in the news lately and they are one of the most heavily searched topics online. If own Rental Property you owe it to yourself to brush up on the latest information regarding Housing Law so you know what to expect should you encounter a situation where knowledge of the Fair…

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How to Add Value to Your Multi-Family Buildings

Buying a Home in an HOA in Modesto? Here Are 3 Things You Must Know

If you own one or more Multi-Family buildings one of the best things you can do before the end of the year is to add value to your properties. In this post we will share with you several tips you can use to add value to your multi-family properties. Tip #1 – Make Your Multi-Family…

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Why Invest In Central Valley Real Estate?

Security Deposit

Thanks to the recent collapse of the stock market in China many investors around the world, including in China are turning to Real Estate more than ever before. If you’re thinking about investing in Central Valley Real Estate here are the reasons why Real Estate investing is the best investment for you to make. #1…

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4 Tips for Getting Your Stockton Rental Property Ready for fall

Mold In Rental Property – Is The Landlord Or The Tenant To Blame?

With fall right around the corner now is the best time for you to get your Stockton Rental Property ready for fall and the winter months because many sources, including Farmer’s Almanac are predicting we will have a colder winter than normal this year. In today’s post we will offer you tips for getting your…

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