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Property management isn't merely a service we provide—it's what we're all about. Full service property management provides solutions for homeowners, real estate investors, and realtors across the Central Valley. Our comprehensive packages cover the entire process, from A to Z. 

Whether you're a busy investor juggling multiple properties or a residential homeowner feeling out of your depth, partnering with RPM Central Valley can help you say goodbye to stress and save money. We provide a free rental analysis for every home we manage, which includes a detailed rental valuation. Our team also works to pinpoint areas of improvement that could boost your bottom line. 

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We Market Your Home

Stop relying on poorly written classifieds to connect with renters in your area. By working with RPM Central Valley, you'll benefit from our expert marketing techniques. We use a combination of digital property listings and real-world signage to find interested renters. 

After connecting with potential tenants, we schedule showings and perform a complete walkthrough of the property. We'll repeat this process as many times as it takes to find the right tenant. 


Bad Tenants No More

The first applicant is not necessarily the right applicant, which is why we perform comprehensive screening measures on every application we receive. As part of our screening, we check financial information and verify employment, take a look at rental history, and perform a criminal background check. All of these steps help us to weed out problematic tenants before they have the chance to take residence in your home. 

Say Goodbye to Repair Calls

Tired of handling an endless flood of repair requests from your tenants? Choose RPM Central Valley for your management needs and we'll make repair requests a thing of the past. 

We invite tenants to communicate with us by using our dedicated online portals. When we receive a maintenance message, we respond quickly. We partner with licensed, local vendors who perform work according to code. 


Let Us Manage Your Finances

Never chase another rent payment again, with our expert accounting team at your side. We keep a close eye on your finances, monitoring incoming rental income, property expenses, and earning disbursements. We provide in-depth records you can review around the clock, simply by logging in to the owner portal. 

Choose RPM Central Valley and experience the stress-free approach to your finances.


Ready to Learn More?

Whether you own a rental home in Modesto, Tracy, Mountain House, or Stockton, the team at RPM Central Valley is ready to help you revitalize your property. Connect with us today to discover how our comprehensive management packages could help you meet your financial goals. 

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We Deliver What We Promise

I am so pleased that I chose RPM Central Valley to manage my rental properties. They give me peace of mind knowing that the tenants and buildings are cared for. RPM's professionalism is exemplary.

Rawnie Clements, Happy Client

RPM gets me the maximum rental income possible. The staff knows me by my first name. Their contractors are more affordable than mine, too. I am very satisfied with RPM and I would highly recommend them.

Ken Dias, Satisfied Client

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At first, I was considering selling my property, but now, I don't have to worry about a thing. Thank you very much for managing my property—I'm looking forward to having you continue with the wonderful job you're doing.

Mr. Woodley, Satisfied Client

Hiring Real Property Management not only get me the tenant I wished for but they had my property repaired in 2 weeks and got me a qualified tenant immediately. The team was on top of their game and all expectations were met.

Maria Mitos, Landlord


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