Does your rental property have working smoke detectors?

smoke detector

You’ve worked hard over the years to build your portfolio of Stockton Rental Homes but as your portfolio grows it’s getting more difficult for you to keep track of the smoke detectors in each property to confirm that they are working or not. This is a dangerous situation to find yourself in because, if a…

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Tips for renting your home for the first time

rental property

Are you planning on renting your home for the first time? With the real estate market slowing, many homeowners in the Central Valley are planning on postponing selling their homes and renting them out instead. If you’re planning on renting your home for the first time, here are several tips that you can use to…

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Tax Breaks You Can Get If You Own A Second Property


Most homeowners’ greatest tax break is the mortgage interest deduction. According to USA Today, interest paid on a home loan is possibly the biggest tax deduction for the average American. Moreover, it is the best way to own a property at an affordable rate despite the fact that the government revised the rules on tax…

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Judge orders California to stop denying rent relief applications

OAKLAND, Calif. – A judge has ruled the California Department of Housing and Community Development must stop denying applications for COVID-19 rent relief money, amid a lawsuit filed by tenants’ advocates, who argue the state has unfairly withheld money from low-income renters. Tenant advocate groups sued the state alleging it wrongly denied tens of thousands of applications, failed to provide adequate reason…

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What are the best amenities to offer tenants?


Amenities are one of the keys to success with owning rental properties because of the simple fact that those amenities are often what keep tenants renewing their leases, instead of just renting from you for 12 months and then moving on. The big question is what amenities should you be offering your tenants? In this…

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How to Win the War against Rental Property Wear And Tear

You’ve worked hard to invest in your first rental property in the Central Valley but it’s important for you to know that wear and tear can kill your return on investment from that property. Thankfully, you can win the war against wear and tear at your rental property when you follow these tips. Tip 1-…

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Why you should always check a tenants rental history


Tenant screening is one of the keys to success with owning rental properties because the quality of your screening is what will make the difference between renting to a quality tenant, or someone who will potentially cause trouble for you. Thankfully, you can ensure that you’re going to rent to a quality tenant, especially when…

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Reasons to Invest in Real Estate During a Recession

property manager

It doesn’t matter who you ask, most economists agree that we’re either in a recession or on the cusp of starting one. The big question is should you still invest in rental real estate even during a recession? The answer is yes. In this article, we will offer you several reasons to invest in rental…

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