Should You Provide A Fire Extinguisher At Your Rental Property?

Fire extinguishers are an important tool that every rental property should have in this day and age, sadly most don’t because owners often assume that tenants will buy them. If you’re on the fence about providing a fire extinguisher at your property, here are some reasons why you should add one ASAP. Reason #1 –…

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Newsom Proposes Billions More For Rent Relief

Modesto CA property manager

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s updated budget plan projects a record $97.5 billion surplus, and on Friday he said he wants to put a chunk of that windfall toward rent relief. California has already directed more than $5 billion in federalfunding toward paying off debts accrued by low-income renters during the pandemic. Now, Newsom’s budget proposes another $2.7 billion in…

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Rental Property Upgrades You Don’t Want To Make

rental property maintenance

One important thing you want to do as a landlord is upgrade your rental property because upgrading your property will keep your tenants happy and increase the value of your property. Even though upgrading your property is important, there are a variety of rental property upgrades that you don’t want to make including the following:…

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