Reasons to choose a Modesto CA property manager

Modesto CA property manager

Thinking of hiring a Modesto CA property manager? For property owners seeking peace of mind and efficient management solutions, entrusting their investments to a reputable property manager in Modesto is a prudent decision. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a property manager in Modesto, CA, this article will offer you several reasons why…

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Five Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Landscape for Your Rental

Are you looking to create an eye-catching landscape for your rental property? With the right plan and a bit of creativity, you can transform your outdoor space into a stunning landscape that will be the envy of your neighborhood. From selecting the right plants to creating a functional outdoor living space, here are five tips…

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Things to do to protect your investments during a recession

rent collection

The recession is officially here and for owners in the Central Valley, and across the United States, that means changes are coming but thankfully owners can protect their investments by going the following: 1. Keep Low to Moderate Debt Levels  It probably goes without saying that those with no or moderate debt will be less…

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Tax Breaks You Can Get If You Own A Second Property


Most homeowners’ greatest tax break is the mortgage interest deduction. According to USA Today, interest paid on a home loan is possibly the biggest tax deduction for the average American. Moreover, it is the best way to own a property at an affordable rate despite the fact that the government revised the rules on tax…

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DIY VS Property Management – Which One Is Better?

Contact RPM Central Valley Are you tired of managing your Central Valley rental property yourself? We specialize in full service property management and can all of your needs including rent collection, maintenance, customer service and more. For more property management tips, or to speak with us about the services we can offer you, contact us…

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