Reasons to not allow pets at your rental property

Tax Cuts For Landlords - Another Reason To Buy Rental Properties

There’s no doubt that most people enjoy having pets because if you ask the average person they will either enjoy having dogs, cats, fish, birds or other small pets. Even though it’s normal for people to enjoy having pets, does this mean that you should allow them to live in your rental property? The answer…

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Tips for why your rental property isn’t making any money

How to Manage Collections and Delinquency as a Landlord

Every investor makes the decision to invest in rental properties for one reason, to make money. Sadly, many investors find themselves in the position of not making enough money to survive financially. Thankfully, there are a variety of reasons why investors don’t make money when they own rental properties. In this article we will provide…

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Should you invest in a turnkey rental property?


Are you planning on investing in a rental property? If so, you may be debating if you should invest in a turnkey property or a rental that needs some work before it can be considered to be move in ready. In this article we will answer this question and offer you the pros and cons…

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Should You Furnish Your Single-Family Investment Property?

Have you been thinking about furnishing your single-family investment property but you don’t know if this is the right decision for you to make or not? This article will answer the question and tips on what you should include in your rental property if you plan on furnishing it. The Answer Is Yes and No…

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Property Manager Near Me – Contact Us Today By Clicking Here

Lease renewal

Are you interested in finding a property manager near me service in your area? If so, you come to the right place! At RPM Central Valley we specialize in full-service property management and can offer you everything that you need to professionally manage your Central Valley rental property from A to Z. Property Management Saves…

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Should You Upgrade Your Rental Property HVAC Unit?

Are you thinking about updating your rental property HVAC unit? If so, this is an important question to ask because 2020 marks the beginning of Freon Phase Out, a program that marks the end of the sale of freon in the United States. Phasing out freon in the United States means that older HVAC units…

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Tips for Buying A Rental Property in A New Market

Are you planning on buying a rental property that’s located out of your city or state? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will share with you several tips you can use for buying a rental property that’s located in a new market. What to Review When Buying an Out…

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Should You Add Solar Panels to Your Rental Property?

Are you thinking about adding solar panels to your Central Valley rental property? If so, this is a smart decision to make. As anyone who lives in the Central Valley knows, we can be experiencing summer-like weather as early as April, and with 300 plus days of sunshine per year it makes sense to add…

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Carpet vs Flooring – Which option is better for your rental property?


Are you thinking about choosing new flooring for your rental property and can’t decide between installing carpeting, flooring or both? In this article will answer the question of which type of flooring you should choose for your rental property. Tips For Buying Carpet If you’re thinking about choosing carpeting for your rental property, one of…

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