How to find the right property manager for your rental property

stocks vs rental real estate

Rental properties have tremendous potential to generate revenue. However, the success of your investment rests heavily on hiring a property manager. Finding a quality property manager (PM) isn’t as cut and dry as one might think. Many factors must be considered when assessing a property’s needs. This article will explain what a property manager is,…

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Investing in condos – Your top questions answered


A condo can be an attractive choice when purchasing an investment property, especially for first-time investors. They generally cost less than single-family homes and can be easier to maintain. However, whether or not they’re a good investment depends on several factors. Ready to learn more? Read on as we uncover the answers to common questions…

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Tips for renting your home in 2023

rental properties

Are you planning on renting your home for the first time? With the real estate market slowing, many homeowners in the Central Valley are planning on postponing selling their homes and renting them out instead. If you’re planning on renting your home for the first time, here are several tips that you can use to…

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What is a rent ledger? Do you need one?

tenant screening

Are you planning on getting started with investing in rental properties? If so, one of the tools that you’re going to use regularly is a rent ledger. In this article we will break down what a rent ledger is why you’re going to need one in your business. A rent ledger keeps a record of…

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Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

property manager

Are you a property owner who is grappling with the day-to-day hassles of managing your properties? Do you find yourself constantly responding to tenant complaints, dealing with maintenance issues, and collecting rent? If so, then it may be time to consider hiring a property manager. A property-manager is a professional who specializes in overseeing the…

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Are rental property charging stations worth the investment?

electric vehicles

As the world shifts towards a greener future, the need for electric vehicles is on the rise. This has led to the installation of electric charging stations across the country. However, the question arises, are rental property charging stations worth the investment? The answer is a resounding yes. Rental properties are a smart investment, and…

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