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With a population of over 300,000 residents, Stockton is one of the largest communities in California. This city has experienced a roller coaster of highs and lows since the first European settlers arrived in 1848. Formerly an agricultural epicenter, Stockton's economy began to diversify in the 20th century. Unfortunately, the city was particularly hard hit by the Great Recession, with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. The city itself also struggled financially, filing for bankruptcy protection in 2012.

In spite of its struggles, Stockton has worked diligently to restore the community and improve the quality of life it offers residents. As of 2015, aggressive revitalization efforts are underway in Downtown Stockton. The construction of affordable housing units and additional commercial spaces should help restore the allure of this neglected neighborhood. Nicknamed the "Open Window Project," this ambitious initiative aims to transform a 15-block stretch of the Downtown landscape.

Of course, Stockton also has plenty of attractions to offer its residents. For lovers of the arts, the Stockton Symphony, Haggin Museum, and Stockton Opera offer plenty of opportunities to savor performances and artistic works throughout the year. Stockton also has a minor league sports presence, with the Stockton Heat and Stockton Ports playing in the city. Other attractions in Stockton include multiple shopping centers, historic landmarks, and several public parks.

Exploring Real Estate in Stockton

Weston Ranch was the hardest hit portion of Stockton during the real estate bubble burst and ensuing subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. The neighborhood has worked to recover following the foreclosures, and crime rates have dipped in Weston Ranch in recent years. In 2014, a group of local residents began a grassroots campaign to secede from Stockton, becoming an unincorporated area of San Joaquin County.

Rental properties in Weston Ranch mostly consist of single family homes. Weston Ranch's position on the San Joaquin contributes to the overall appeal of the neighborhood, making for a picturesque, quiet environment for families.

North Stockton

Sandwiched between Highway 99 and I-5, North Stockton is home to a varied housing landscape, with multiplexes, single family properties, and apartment complexes. Rents in North Stockton have historically been slightly higher than the rest of the city, thanks to the family friendly nature of this area. Nearly 40% of residents in this neighborhood rent, making it an attractive investment destination for landlords.


Brookside sits on the San Joaquin River and is largely built around the Brookside Golf and Country Club. The beautiful surroundings of this neighborhood make it one of Stockton's most popular residential spots. The neighborhood is characterized by wide, treelined streets and luxurious homes with water and golf course views. Nearly all of the Brookside rentals are single family properties.

Spanos Park and Eight Mile

This incredible neighborhood appeals to nature lovers and renter looking for a taste of the great outdoors. Stretched along 8 Mile Road, homes in this area around built around Spanos Park and the nature reserve. Local residents also have plentiful shopping and dining options, with many stores and restaurants operating on Trinity Parkway.


Choosing the Right Property Manager

The right property manager in Stockton should understand the local cityscape and be comfortable working within the unique parameters of the community's real estate market. If you're looking for Stockton property management options, look no further than RPM Central Valley. Our expert team has worked extensively with local landlords, and we're adept at handling the challenges of rental properties throughout the area.

Whether you need property management in North Stockton, Spanos Park, or Brookside, we're ready to help. Discover our unique approach to managing residential rentals and sit back while we do the hard work for you. From finding the right tenants to responding to maintenance calls, we have you covered.

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