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Please review our Rental Guidelines.

A complete separate application is required from each adult (anyone 18 years and older) who intends to reside at the property. Real Property Management Central Valley requires $40.00 as a processing fee to check income, rental or home ownership history, credit and criminal background. The fee is non-refundable if the application is processed and must be in the form of cash or money orde, credit card no checks. A credit report will be obtained for each applicant. We do not accept credit reports from outside sources.

Rental references are considered unverifiable if, after three working days, your landlord has not returned our phone calls or faxes. All income must be lawful and verifiable. Cash or letters from your employer are not verifiable income.

Acceptable forms of verification include one of the following:

1. Employees: Request for Income Verification form completed by the employer, original pay stubs (2 most current months)

2. Self-employed: IRS 1040 (first two pages of the last two year’s tax returns) and Schedule C (profit and loss statement of the last two year’s tax returns).

3. Direct deposits: bank statements for the past two months, which must list the source of the deposit.

4. Child Support: file stamped court order. Must show history of payment received for a minimum 12-month period.

5. Award letters, court documentation.

 Where a question does not apply, please write “none”, as applicable. Missing or incomplete information may delay or prevent verification, permitting another application to be approved before yours. Should Real Property Management be unable to verify any of the information on the application or if any of the statements are found to be false, the application will be denied if an application is denied, you may begin the application process only after a period of 12 months has passed. Applications are processed as quickly as possible. Applications will not be pre-screened. An approved application does NOT guarantee you any unit.You will be required to pay the first month’s rent, security deposit and any other applicable deposits in advance.

Due to possible human error, we ask that you inspect the interior of the unit of your choice carefully to ensure amenities listed are actually present.


I irrevocably authorize Real Property Management Central Valley to keep a copy of the application and all documents submitted. 

Your processing fee pays for the following costs incurred by Real Property Management Central Valley:

Processing Fee Charges to Applicant

Credit Report $15.00

Telephone Calls (Former Landlord, Employer, etc.) $ 10.00

Staff Time $15.00

Minimum cost to Process Application $40.00

*If permission is given, Lessee must pay an additional deposit per pet. A pet processing fee of $75.00 per pet will also apply. Lessee must abide by all regulations and laws regarding animals, and may not have any dangerous or exotic pets, which shall be determined by Lessor. If law requires, however, certain service animals will be allowed on the premises. Lessee shall be responsible for any damage caused by pets. *

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