Central Valley Condo and Apartment Marketing Strategies

Uploaded To Best Investments For Your Central Valley Rental Property

By RPM Central Valley Do you own a Central Valley Condo or apartment that’s going to be coming up for rent soon and you’re struggling with coming up with ideas for how to market those rental properties? In this article, we will share with you several tips you can use to professionally market your apartment…

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Should you DIY or hire a property manager?

Property Management Tips - 4 Rules You Don’t Want To Break While Owning Rental Properties

Let’s face it, being a property owner can be rough especially when you consider the variety of responsibilities that come from owning a rental property including rent collection, maintenance and customer service this is why it’s always good for an owner to really ask the BIG question if they should continue managing their rental properties…

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What Questions Should You Ask A Prospective Tenant?

What are the costs of Stockton property management?

STOCKTON, CA – Yes, it’s true, you may not love the idea of public speaking or interviewing people but if you own a rental property you’re going to have to get comfortable with the idea of meeting with a prospective tenant and learning more about them because the quality of the questions that you ask…

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Simple tips for landscaping a small urban yard

Central Valley Rental Property – 3 Signs That Your Cash Flow Isn’t Really Passive

Does your Central Valley Rental Property have a small urban yard? If so, studies have shown that rental properties with outdoor spaces can rent for more money because, people like to have that outside space for grilling, setting up a small swimming pool for their children and hanging out during the summer months. In this…

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Property Management Vs. Homeowners Association – Is There A Difference?

Top Excuses For Not Paying Rent And The Solution To The Problem

By RPM Central Valley If you’re new to owning rental property in the Central Valley or elsewhere in the United States you might be wondering if there’s a real difference between property management and homeowners associations. The answer is yes, there are BIG differences between property management companies and homeowners associations and those differences include…

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