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How to Manage Collections and Delinquency as a Landlord

Do you need to rent your property fast? In this article we will provide you with tips you can use for getting your rental property or home ready for rent. Tips For Getting Your Rental Property Ready For Rent Take the time to thoroughly inspect your rental property room by room and ask yourself if…

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Are you making energy saving upgrades to your rental properties?

Winter Already? Rental Property Furnace Maintenance Tips

2017 is almost over. Have you made any upgrades to your rental properties this year? If no, you should consider investing in energy saving upgrades for your rentals because, this will help your tenants to save money each money on energy costs while increasing the value of your rental properties. About Energy Saving Upgrades The…

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What Are The Most Common Problems With Owning Rentals?

Benefits of Using a Turlock Property Management Company

Thinking about investing in rental properties? Like most investors you probably are concerned about encountering problems or issues with your rentals that you might not know how to resolve at first. Thankfully, in this article we will list for you the most common problems with rental properties and solutions for dealing with them. Tenants Not…

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